How to Book

Cork Whiskey Walk is a half-day tour (4 hours), includes food and drink, and costs €62 per person.

Scroll through the listings below and, if a date works for you, register your spot on Cork Whiskey Walk. If you don't see dates, that suit you, listed in 'UPCOMING EVENTS' below, then please contact me ASAP. If I am available I will then list your date here on my booking engine so that you can book your place. Please click on the 'CONTACT US' link above, or E-mail, to leave a quick message with your preferred dates.

Gift Certificates - These may be purchased by scrolling towards the end of this page. Certificates will be E-mailed and may be printed off by the purchaser. 


Even though we have a relatively mild climate that does wonders for our whiskey, it can at times get quite cold, windy or rainy in Cork.  In these events we simply get ourselves snug by an Irish pub fire and do our "Cosy Cork Whiskey Walk" indoors.

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